Bladder neck cancer treatment.

bladder neck cancer treatment

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Leírás: Intravesical instillation of BCG. Patients with primary intermediate or high-risk papillary NMIBC according to the EAU Guidelines and intermediate and high-risk recurrences that have not received BCG within the bladder neck cancer treatment 2 years or chemotherapy treatment apart from one early instillation within the previous year.

All clinical, intra-operative and pathological items for the EAU risk Prostatitis a dnipro- ban must be documented including a bladder map.

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No UC in the upper tract, kidney and ureters. No UC in the urethra, excluded by visual inspection during cystoscopy and, in addition, in patients with i tumour of trigone ii tumour of bladder neck iii abnormal prostatic urethra UC must be excluded by biopsy of the prostatic urethra in all male patients or, in female patients, from the portion of the urethra adjacent to the bladder neck, before study recruitment.

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All patients must have urine cytology dated within the screening period prior to randomisation. Normal kidneys and ureters.

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Negative pregnancy test for women of child-bearing potential A life expectancy at least of the duration of the trial. Unfit or unwilling to have a full or partial cystectomy.

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Signed informed consent. Exclusion Criteria: 1. UC involving the prostatic urethra 2.

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Non-UC tumour of the urinary tract 3. Upper tract and intramural tumours e.

CIS suspected or present. Known or suspected reduced bladder capacity. Patients will have a US estimation of maximum bladder capacity or void spontaneously the maximum they can retain in their bladder, and this will be used to determine urine volume.

Be willing and able to provide written informed consent for the trial. Have recurrent disease not amenable to curative treatment with local or systemic therapy, or metastatic disseminated HNSCC of the oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx, or larynx that is considered incurable by local therapies 6. Prior platinum failure as defined by a. Have adequate bone marrow reserve, defined as: a. Have adequate liver function, defined as a.

A minimum volume of ml is required. Bleeding disorder 8.

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Pregnant or lactating women. Women of childbearing potential unwilling or unable to use adequate contraception if sexually bladder neck cancer treatment. More than a maintenance dose of oral corticosteroids maintenance dose defined as the same dose regimen over the past 6 months for a condition requiring continual corticosteroid treatment or patients with an immuno-compromised state for any reason.

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Any known allergy or adverse event that would prevent them from receiving a treatment that they may be randomised to within the trial. Known untreated strictural disease or bladder neck contracture or any other condition that may prevent catheterisation with 21F catheter.

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Patients may undergo dilation or urethral incision before entering the study. UTI at any time within 6 months preceding randomisation. Significant urinary incontinence spontaneous, requiring use of pads History of pelvic irradiation Patients with implanted electronic devices such as cardiac pacemakers unless they receive permission from their treating physician e.

Participation in another study which includes treatment that is liable to have an effect on this study.

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